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Film Sprites PR Clients 1-min

Since 2014 we have been involved in providing publicity and digital marketing services to a range of projects; from crowdfunding campaigns through to VoD/cinematic releases. Our successes include the successful campaigns for Magpie, Arcadia Bay, Vampire Mob Graphic Novel Issue 1 and RAIN: A Fan Film About Storm as well as the Kickstarter for the award-winning short film Hello World. In December 2016 we also assisted with the successful Kickstarter for Daphne Fisher’s Enough, helping to not only secure the $6K goal but also helping to raise an additional $945. And after one month on Amazon Prime (US and UK), Apple Park Films’ Emotional Motor Unit and Little Pieces accrued a total of 5962 minutes of streaming across 287 individual streams with one month of social media marketing from us. Most recently we came on board for the final week of the Dead Air IndieGoGo campaign for post-production finishing funds. When we came on board the project was 24% funded, and we were able to assist in securing an additional 35%, taking the campaign to 59% funded.

VoD/Cinematic releases/Festival Releases/Webseries:

AMBER: I Am My Own

Little Pieces

Night of the Templar

Rough Cut



The Halloween Girl

Eye Films

The Secret

Life Off Grid (NZ Cinematic release)

The Apostate: Call of the Revenant

Emotional Motor Unit

Ao-Terror-Oa and 6 Weeks of Horror

Under the Flowers

Film Sprites PR Clients 2-min

Publicity for Actors:

Oliver Park

Crowdfunding Campaigns:

Dead Air (in final week of crowdfunding campaign)

Us Among The Stones (Formerly “This Family”)


Bodkin Ras

Displacement Welcomed


Hello World

Kitty’s 9 Lives

Mana Moana

The Naked Screaming Man

RAIN: A Fan Film About Storm

Rebel City

Rolling With Virgil

The Jupiter Chronicles

Vehicles (Formerly “The Mentor”)

The Rectory

Vampire Mob Graphic Novel Issue 1


The Northern Line Series: Medusa’s Kitchen