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Who doesn’t love a freebie? Check out these FREE resources to assist you with publicity and digital marketing of your film or webseries:

top tips for filmmakers

Getting Prepped for 2019: You’ve probably got your production schedule prepped and ready to go and your filming dates locked in…but have you got publicity and social media planned? We’re giving you a handy guide on when to generate publicity and social media marketing, PLUS a handy planning sheet to keep track of important publicity and social media to-dos.

Top Tips For Publicity and Social Media Marketing of Your Film or Webseries: Want the BEST exposure for your film or webseries? Want to grow an audience that will be with you for this project and beyond? Social media marketing and PR can do that for you. But where to start? Fear not- this guide has you covered. We’re giving you the most popular top tips shared with our followers on social media and on the blog. These nuggets of wisdom have been gleaned through 5 years of providing publicity, digital marketing and crowdfunding campaign assistance to filmmakers around the world. Implement one or two of these tips per week and you’ll start seeing results: more followers on social media, more shares of your content, review and interview requests and more rentals and purchases of your films!

Sanity Savers: Handy Resources for Publicity and Social Media Marketing of your Film or Webseries:It’s not easy doing anything on a budget, let alone publicity and social media marketing! Where do you start? What resources do you have at your disposal if you can’t afford to outsource your PR and social media marketing? Fear not- we’ve got you covered. In this nifty guide we point you in the direction of some really handy resources.