Film Publicity and Digital Marketing Portfolio


Since 2014 we have been involved in providing publicity and digital marketing services to a range of projects; from crowdfunding campaigns through to VoD/cinematic releases. Our successes include the successful campaigns for Magpie, Arcadia Bay, Vampire Mob Graphic Novel Issue 1 and RAIN: A Fan Film About Storm as well as the Kickstarter for the award-winning short film Hello World. In December 2016 we also assisted with the successful Kickstarter for Daphne Fisher’s Enough, helping to not only secure the $6K goal but also helping to raise an additional $945.

VoD/Cinematic releases/Festival Releases:

AMBER: I Am My Own

Little Pieces

Night of the Templar

Rough Cut



The Halloween Girl

Eye Films

The Secret

Life Off Grid (NZ Cinematic release)

The Apostate: Call of the Revenant

E.M.U (currently in post-production)

Publicity for Actors:

Oliver Park

Crowdfunding Campaigns:

This Family


Bodkin Ras

Displacement Welcomed


Hello World

Kitty’s 9 Lives

Mana Moana

The Naked Screaming Man

RAIN: A Fan Film About Storm

Rebel City

Rolling With Virgil

The Jupiter Chronicles

Vehicles (Formerly “The Mentor”)

The Rectory

Vampire Mob Graphic Novel Issue 1


The Northern Line Series: Medusa’s Kitchen