Film Sprites PR FAQ

When should I get in touch with Film Sprites PR to secure your services? It depends on the level of coverage you want for your film.

For crowdfunding campaign promotion and publicity we definitely need to hear from you prior to the start of the campaign, ideally a month prior.

If you are simply looking for social media marketing for your VoD release, it’s completely fine to get in touch at any stage, even if your VoD is already available to rent or stream.

If you require a full publicity and digital marketing package for either pre-release publicity or cinematic/VoD release we definitely recommend you make contact at least 1 month prior. Our client schedule tends to be booked 3 months in advance, so if you’ve got us mentally bookmarked to get in touch there’s no time like the present! In fact, we’ve even got a handy contact form to help you out.

Our budget for our independent film is really tight. We’d love to have you doing our publicity and digital marketing, but we don’t have the budget for it right now. Can you help us out? We understand! We have payment options available, including monthly installments. Our commitment to assisting you is our primary concern.

If I decide to take the option of having the 1-hour Skype session to discuss publicity and digital marketing for my film, is there any obligation to hire you afterwards? None. Nada. Zip. Zilch! That’s why we created the Skype meeting option: we often have people wanting to “pick our brains” about publicity and/or digital marketing of their films without committing to a full package. Of course we’d love to assist you further should you feel that’s the next step to take, but with the Skype session we definitely make sure you go away with a lot of knowledge and empowerment. It’s a worthwhile investment!