14232435_10153711534771459_5653947709758545400_nFilm Sprites PR was established in 2014 by Lynnaire MacDonald. Lynnaire is a publicity and digital marketing consultant with a passion for film and a knack for connecting media and audiences to filmmakers. A writer from an early age, Lynnaire was a freelance journalist for the Christchurch Press’ now defunct youth interests page at the age of 17. She has a Bachelor of Arts in History (minors in Mass Communications and Sociology) and a Certificate in Public Relations and Business Communications.

She says: “I have always had a great passion for film for as long as I can remember. Even growing up I knew deep down that I wanted to work in the film industry in some capacity, but had no idea how or even if I could make it happen.

“I started Film Sprites PR due to an event that changed my life (and the lives of everyone around me) forever: the Christchurch earthquake of February 2011. After that time, life lost a lot of meaning for me. Up until then I’d buried my dream of working in the film industry. But after losing so much in the quake I knew life had to change…and it would all change in a little seaside cinema on July 23rd, 2012. I saw a film that so invigorated and inspired me that I knew my mission: to be a lighthouse. No, I’m not crazy! Just like a lighthouse guiding boats safely in the dark, I wanted to guide people towards incredible films because I had witnessed first-hand the power cinema had to change lives. Now, along with a team of freelancers in New Zealand and the UK, we’re helping media and audiences to connect with the power of cinema too by providing exceptional, authentic digital marketing and publicity of films.”

Lynnaire hopes to “pass the torch” (pun fully intended) of the Film Sprites PR brand onto a new generation of publicists and digital marketers and work for a studio in the UK.

When not assisting filmmakers across the globe, you’ll find Lynnaire with paint and ink-stained hands, creating in her art journals or on canvas or (you guessed it) watching films. She is passionate about Shakespeare to the point of obsession and has a very fine-tuned geek streak, loving the Marvelverse (dream publicity job would have been Thor: Ragnarok!) and avidly watching Doctor Who from the age of 3 (Tom Baker is her favourite Doctor). She loves to travel, is a stills photographer and enjoys snorkeling over summer, sometimes bumping into stingrays and doing underwater stills. Her favourite way to decompress is via meditation.

You can connect with Lynnaire via Twitter, Instagram, Stage 32 or LinkedIn.