How We Want to Help Filmmakers Affected By Festival Cancellations

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Unfortunately, there’s no getting away from the effects that coronavirus is having on the filmmaking sector, especially when it comes to public events like festivals. This is something that affects me on a deep emotional level, even though I currently don’t have a film I have worked on playing at a festival this year.

Festivals, for me, are magic. Some of the films which have shaped me creatively have been festival films. I love festivals so much, I’ve even worked for them (as a Comms Assistant for NZIFF 2019 and currently as AFIN International Film Festival‘s Marketing Manager). As someone who is moving into film producing this year, I also feel a deep empathy for the filmmakers affected by the cancellation of festivals.

I recently wrote a list of initiatives that websites, blogs, reviewers and organisations were taking to assist filmmakers who have been affected by these cancellations, but I also wanted to do more.

If you have a film which had been selected for a cancelled festival (e.g. SXSW, Cleveland Film Festival, Gold Coast Film Festival), Film Sprites PR will give you promotion FREE of charge.

So, what do you need to do in order to make this happen? Contact us and we’ll chat about what we can offer you during this time to help boost your signal.

It’s a small step, of course, and no substitute for the experience and opportunities of a festival…but it’s a step I don’t just want to make, it’s one I NEED to make. Let’s get some more buzz happening for these filmmakers. Let’s help grow their audience….and let’s generate more love in a dark time.

Please DO NOT submit your film if it was not selected for a festival that has been cancelled. Our offer is currently for those affected by cancellations right now and is a free service, but please bear in mind that like many small businesses we’ve been affected financially as well. As much as we’d love to help ALL films for free, there’s unfortunately not enough time.


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