We Have Changes Afoot…

film sprites pr we have changes afoot

It’s the dark heart of winter here in New Zealand- a good time to go within. It’s a very introspective time, a good time to think about the sorts of changes that will hopefully be in full bloom by springtime. In New Zealand it’s also Matariki- the Māori new year, and as I am Māori (of Ngai Tahu and Rangitane descent), I treat it as such.

So why am I talking about this? Because this season coincides with changes I am making to the way Film Sprites PR is run and the services we offer.

If you have seen our services and pricing information, you will have seen that we offer press release distribution via a press release distribution service as an option. I’ve decided not to offer this particular option any longer for a few reasons:

1. Distribution through a press release distribution service incurs a cost and that cost is one that I have had to pass onto clients via pricing. I don’t want to do that any longer- I would prefer spending my time, energy, skills and passion for film publicity on pitching to media outlets on a one-to-one, specifically targeted basis as opposed to putting a press release through a service and hoping it ‘sticks’.

2. As you know, time is money and when you’re an indie filmmaker there tends to be a shortage of the latter. Film Sprites PR has always been freelance and grassroots, but that doesn’t mean ‘amateur’ by any stretch of the imagination. I had to think about my business model and the spirit of Film Sprites PR and putting a press release through a distribution service just doesn’t fit with how I run things.

What does this mean for you?
It means that the structure of services will change, and along with that the pricing structure will change. Instead of offering packaging and levels of service, we’re reverting back to old-school service structures: a free, no-obligation Skype chat to discuss your film, and your goals with follow-up recommendations on what your publicity campaign should have in it (press release creation, social media marketing, etc). From there, it’s entirely up to you as to whether you would like to have us on board to assist you.

As for pricing….we’re going ‘old-school’ with that, too.

I know how hard it is to find the funding for exceptional publicity, and that is something I believe Film Sprites PR has always and will always provide. So we’re reverting back to the ‘old school’ spirit of 2014 and pricing will be on a ‘pay what you can’ basis. Unfortunately like the rest of the world I have bills to pay, and ‘pay what you can’ will help to assist with the operation of Film Sprites PR so we can assist many more talented and incredible filmmakers globally while doing what we do best.

Film publicity and digital marketing is my great love, and I want to be able to use that to assist more filmmakers than I currently do, and that means mixing things up, changing things and making things even easier for independent filmmakers.

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And in client news…Under the Flowers: Circle of Hell continues to make waves! We’ve managed to secure press for them at ScreamFix, Cult Faction, Promote Horror, Dead Celluloid, Ginger Nuts of Horror, FilmDebate,and Hell Notes. Just this week they also received great reviews from Indy Red Reviews and 22 Indie Street, the latter giving Under the Flowers: Circle of Hell 4 stars.

Both seasons of Under the Flowers are streaming exclusively at Opprimetv, but you can see the first episode of Under the Flowers: Circle of Hell completely FREE on Vimeo, thanks to Mad Shelley Films.

Have a great weekend when it rolls around your way….and happy filmmaking!