The Road Ahead For Film Sprites PR


If you follow Film Sprites PR on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you’ll probably already know what’s happening here at HQ, but I wanted to grab a cup of tea and write about it on the blog as well.

Tomorrow (which will be the 23rd of July here in the Southern Hemisphere) is a very important day. It’s the 5th anniversary of the day I began the journey towards becoming a film publicist. Film Sprites PR would be born in 2014, but before then there was a 2 year period of gaining my Cert in PR and Business Communication, networking and planning. There was also a lot of  hope, and inspiration. Overall, it was a magical time. It seemed the purest heart of my dream- I had a constant GPS guiding me to the next step…and the next…and the next. It led to the birth of Film Sprites PR. Sprites was my way of making my own opportunities, gaining valuable experience and being of service to the independent film industry.

While Film Sprites PR has been operating, it’s been a celebration of the independent spirit and a passion for film. We’ve assisted with publicity and digital marketing for the successful crowdfunding campaigns for  Magpie, Arcadia Bay, Vampire Mob Graphic Novel Issue 1 and RAIN: A Fan Film About Storm as well as the Kickstarter for the award-winning short film Hello World. In December 2016 we also assisted with the successful Kickstarter for Daphne Fisher’s Enough, helping to not only secure the $6K goal but also helping to raise an additional $945.

I’ve had freelancers on the team who have been integral to the journey, because I wanted them to gain the experience I never had before starting Sprites so they could take that out into the world and forge their own successful path. I’ve also had the pleasure of being interviewed by Cinemaddicts NZ, Turnabout, Young Women Entrepreneurs Club, and Write Out of LA. I’ve also appeared on the Cinema After Dark and Dave Bullis podcasts. Every single part of the journey has been rewarding, and I’m grateful.

But the time has come to move forward- I’ve had a bit of a strange start, because usually someone will work for an established PR firm and then work for themselves but I did it the other way around! I’ve always wanted to work for a studio or distributor, and that’s what I’m aiming for now.

So where does that leave Film Sprites PR? The website is still up and running, as are all of our social media accounts. We are doing publicity and digital marketing for one last film, Around Here (where I am also serving as producer). We will no longer be offering freelance services to filmmakers. Instead, as one last ‘thank you’ to the community who embraced me and has supported me for these past 5 years, I will be distilling down everything I have learned and put into practice successfully and putting it on the blog. That’s my love letter to the indie community. You’ll find hints, tips, and no-nonsense information. I’ve taken PR and digital marketing practices and adapted them to make them easier for independent filmmakers.

I am so grateful to every single person who has been a part of this journey with me. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you again in a different publicity and digital marketing capacity (fingers crossed!). And, heck- if there’s anyone reading this who is looking for an incredible publicist and digital marketer to join their team…here I am. I’m also on LinkedIn if anyone is interested in connecting there.