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At Film Sprites PR we receive a lot of requests to assist with the social media side of film marketing. It’s something we’ve assisted with for 3 years and it’s also something we definitely enjoy doing! You might have read the previous post about how the digital age is assisting filmmakers with their indie films and connecting to their audiences, and the rise in the breadth of social media available is invaluable to the independent filmmaker.

So many indie filmmakers are incredibly social media-savvy (I think it comes from the resourcefulness, creativity and initiative independent filmmakers have!), but if you’re not- fear not! Here, we’re answering some of the frequently asked questions we receive, so you can hit the ground running with social media for your film (and, more importantly, growing your audience).

When do I need to establish social media accounts for my film? The best time is in pre-production. That means you can slowly and organically start to grow your followers/likers which can translate into growing your audience for your film. It’s also a good time to set up your film’s website (or, if you have a production company with a website and multiple films, to add a page for this film). In pre-production you may not have much content to add to your social media and/or website, but you can add things like storyboarding for your film, logline, etcetera. For a more comprehensive look at a publicity and social media timeline for your film, I recommend reading this post.

Do I need to have a social media account on every social media platform? We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to social media platforms. Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram…there’s so many platforms to choose from now. Does your film need to have a social media presence on each one? No. My advice? Choose only the platforms you would feel comfortable using on a routine basis. Are you more visual, and want to give your audience an insight into the filmmaking process? Instagram is a great pick. Like your updates with more text than you can fit into 140 characters on Twitter? Facebook is a good option. If you’re an avid writer, think about having a blog on your film’s website. Here at Film Sprites PR we chose to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as our social media platforms because they were the three platforms that I use regularly, and subsequently our freelancers also use on a regular basis. I didn’t think about Tumblr and wasn’t interested in adding Snapchat to our social media presence, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. If you’re a master at snapping snazzy content or Tumblr feels second nature to you- go for it! Social media for your film shouldn’t feel like a chore.

What’s your take on buying followers? Here’s the thing: would you rather have 10 followers who have followed you because they are genuinely passionate about your film, and will willingly share your content because they believe in you, or would you prefer 10,000 bought followers who don’t interact and don’t care? Building a following (and an audience for your film) takes time. It’s a process you don’t want to rush. Keep it authentic, and don’t buy into ploys. Quality over quantity!

Do I have to do my own social media for my film?

This is really dependent on your film itself. If you have a micro-budget with minimal cast and crew, you may choose to also do your own social media. If this is something you’re not keen on, perhaps there is someone on the team that can be allocated this task? If your film is an indie with a modest budget, you may choose to have someone on board to do this for you. If you can afford to outsource to a dedicated digital marketing and/or PR person, this is also an option.

Am I going to tell you that that’s the right call because I run a digital marketing and PR consultancy? Absolutely not. I know, I know….you can pick your jaw up off the ground now. Yes, there are advantages to outsourcing your social media marketing (social media that is targeted towards your chosen audience and demographic, etc), but when push comes to shove, there are ways and means and only you know your film, your crew and resources available, and your budget. You can always use this to gauge your digital marketing needs accordingly.

What sort of social media content should I post? I definitely recommend checking out our post that gives you an appropriate timeline for publicity and digital marketing of your indie film for this one. I also recommend checking out our post on the most annoying things you can do on social media so you can see what to avoid.

Most importantly of all: have fun with it. Social media for your film shouldn’t feel like a chore. You have an authentic voice, and film lovers want to connect with that. Best of luck!

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