The Future of Film Sprites PR

The Future of Film Sprites PR-min

In Christchurch today we’ve had the first particularly cold day this year, signalling a head towards autumn. Autumn weather always makes me think about when I founded Film Sprites PR in 2014.

This year Sprites is turning 3 years old on April 17 but it feels like we’ve been operating for much longer, possibly because of the fact that prior to starting Sprites I had been networking and studying for my PR certification since 2012. It was in 2012 that my dream of working in the film industry suddenly sparked into life after the devastating effects of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. So this has been a long journey!

Unfortunately, my beloved grandfather passed away in February. As so often happens with the passing of loved ones, I began to re-evaluate all of the facets of my life. One of the things I had to question was where I was going with Film Sprites PR.

Some of you will know that Film Sprites PR started as a living, breathing learning experience and resume for me. As a result, we’ve been able to assist many independent filmmakers with their films, from providing digital marketing through to obtaining media placements and assisting with crowdfunding campaigns. In the space of just under 3 years I went from working solo to having an assistant and a team of freelancers to call on.

I’ve learned and grown so much from everything- I have even learned things I never thought possible, like SEO, website design and graphic design. But now it’s time to spread my wings and pursue new adventures.

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So what does this mean for Film Sprites PR? We’ll still be operating, but taking on fewer clients. This is in order for me to continue my own personal development, as well as doing more networking, etcetera. Eventually I would like to pass the Film Sprites PR business and brand on to someone who is just as passionate about being of service to the film community as I am so that the business and community I have built up can live on and grow.

Fear not- we’re still here….but there are new things to discover and new horizons to explore as well.

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