How Filmmakers Can Use Social Media As A Storytelling Vehicle


Our world is built on stories. Everyone has one! And as a filmmaker you know the power of stories because you weave powerful stories into visual magic with your films. This gives you something very special to work with when it comes to social media marketing of your film. Too often I see people relying on the kinds of annoying social media tactics I wrote about earlier, when they could be utilizing the potential of social media to tell a story. Yes, even Twitter with its character limit!

As natural creatives and storytellers filmmakers are well-placed to use the power of storytelling to connect with the audience. Here’s a few ideas of how to use the power of storytelling via social media:

The story behind the story: people love behind-the-scenes information. By sharing things like on-set photographs, storyboard drawings, images of the script (yes, really!) etcetera you are allowing people their own ‘all access pass’ to your filmmaking. Film fans genuinely want to know about the filmmaking process as much as they want to know about your completed film. Doing crowdfunding for your film? If you have a perk where the actors/director etc are going to sign merchandise of any kind, be sure to capture them on camera signing the merchandise. You can use these images on the crowdfunding campaign page, in updates and/or on social media when you’re highlight that particular perk level. Photographs and/or video footage of table reads are also invaluable- look at how popular table read and first day of filming photographs tend to be on social media for large blockbusters or cult TV series.


Cast and crew profiles: You might want to take some time to create posts highlighting particular cast and crew and talking about their achievements. This is especially useful if you have name actors. The great thing about this is that if you have name actors with large fan bases it can help amplify the signal even further with re-sharing of content via fans. You can be as creative as you like with this element. Perhaps your DOP has a really funny anecdote about shooting that you can use in a short video, or perhaps one of your actors has a really unusual skill on their resume you can talk about, or showcase in stills or a video.

Everyone’s got an “origin story”: if you’ve followed Film Sprites PR for a while you’ll know that I’m bonkers about superheroes, especially from the Marvelverse. And just like the likes of Captain America or Iron Man, you’ve got an “origin story” when it comes to your filmmaking. Your “origin story” is unique because it’s yours alone. Over the years I’ve heard wonderful stories from filmmakers about how they got into film. Take, for instance, British filmmaker Simon Cox, the brains behind sci-fi film Kaleidoscope Man: his love of Star Wars led to a lifelong love of sci-fi and a desire to craft his own unique sci-fi film that was exciting enough to take on blockbuster films.  People want to know what led you to filmmaking, so share away!

There’s so many avenues you can go down when it comes to using storytelling to promote your film, and it can be a lot of fun as well and serve as a great way to document your filmmaking journey and share it with others.

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