Why Your “Social Media Voice” Matters


At Film Sprites PR I have a policy with my freelancers: they work the hours they want to work and the hours they can fit in with their schedules.

However, whether they’re sending out requests for press or doing social media I have one rule: don’t do it if you’re not feelin’ it.

What do I mean? If you’ve had a fight with your boyfriend, you’re tired or just not up to bringing 110% to what you’re doing, I don’t want you clicking ‘post’.

Why? When you’re fully engaged and enthusiastic about what you’re doing (especially via social media), it shows. You’re more likely to get more engagement from followers, more shares and amplify your signal.

This holds true even when you’re setting up social media automation. It’s not time-contingent. What matters is your authenticity and your “voice”.

I’m going to get a bit “woo woo” on you here, but bear with me. The energy that you put out there is what people respond to. So if you’re tired, or your content feels inauthentic to you then it’s not going to get as good a reception than if you were on top of your game and feeling like a box of fluffy ducks. Gabrielle Bernstein, a world-renowned inspirational speaker (and former owner of a PR business herself) once said that if she Tweets something out and it feels forced, she’ll delete it.

Think about it: you get up one morning feeling really awful. Your mood doesn’t change through breakfast, or your work commute. That day you end up with some pretty grumpy exchanges with people on the phone- where are all of these grumpy people coming from? And then there’s the vending machine that ate your money without giving you its delicious bounty, you missed the bus home and have to take a later one, and you sat in a suspicious puddle on one of the bus seats… No, you’re not cursed- but what you’re putting out there you’re getting back. Translate that cruddy day into the social media world and you’re probably getting very little response from followers, very few shares and probably a few trolls to sour the experience as well.

So how do you get the best out of your ‘social media voice’?:

  1. If it feels forced, don’t do it: this pertains not just to posting on social media, but the use of social media platforms as well. If you’re not comfortable with using Tumblr regularly, don’t use it. However, if you find Twitter a breeze and enjoy using it and interacting with followers there- go for it!
  2. Preserve your “voice”: just as singers, actors and orators need to take care of their voices, you need to take care of yours as well. Don’t overwhelm yourself with content creation on social media. If you find yourself going: “oh no, I need to get on Snapchat, I forgot to post this to Instagram, I haven’t set up my Tweetdeck…” you need a break! And yes, that goes for social media content if you’ve got a crowdfunding campaign running.
  3. Check in with yourself: how are you? No, seriously- how are you feeling today? Check in with yourself regularly. If you’re not a happy bunny it’s going to show in your social media content. If you have deadlines, you’re better to log off and do something that will improve your mood (like a quick walk) than carry on. I guarantee after a feel-good break you’ll be a social media superstar.
  4. Delegate! Have someone on your team who is an absolute ray of sunshine and a whiz with Twitter? That’s your go-to for that platform. Have somebody else who has a knack for great Instagram content? They’re your IG guru. Or have a chat with us about how we can help you with social media marketing of your film.

Your vibe really does attract your tribe, so make the most of it!

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