How We’re Working to Support Even More Filmmakers in 2017


2017 is going to be our biggest year ever at Film Sprites PR and we’re looking to make even more of an impact.

In particular we’re keen to help support:
-LGBTQ content and filmmakers
-female filmmakers, screenwriters and cinematographers
-films which promote a diverse range of viewpoints and perspectives
-films which pass the Bechdel and DuVernay Tests
-films which aim to dispel the stigmas around mental illness and help to promote mental health awareness.

We believe in connecting filmmakers to media and audiences in an authentic and heartfelt way, and we’ve been so inspired by the various filmmakers we’ve had the pleasure of working with that we want to be of service to even more filmmakers and their stories in 2017. As a filmmaker, you know the power of your story. We know that too. Film Sprites PR was built on the power of film and the capacity it has to inspire, uplift, educate and provoke thought and discussion. We wouldn’t exist without the magic of film.

If you’re releasing a film in 2017, let’s chat about how Film Sprites PR can assist you with publicity and digital marketing of your film. We’re here to champion your film, grow an audience that will champion you as much as we do, and secure media placements that will ensure your film is seen and loved.

Download a copy of our information and services pamphlet HERE.

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