THE LAST: The Barber Brothers’ Campaign is On Point With Social Media


Now, Film Sprites PR is not handling publicity or digital marketing for the Barber Brothers’ crowdfunding campaign for their film The Last, but it’s been a pleasure seeing their Tweets pop up in my feed because they are so on point with social media for their campaign. When I see filmmakers that truly understand how to harness social media for their films, you bet I’m going to shout it from the rooftops. What makes me so gleeful about the campaign’s social media and crowdfunding page? I’m going to break it down for you:

1. They bring value: when you contribute to any campaign there’s always perks involved, from the tangible (like t-shirts, scripts, etc) through to the experiential (a day on set, a Skype call with the director etc). But the campaign for The Last doubles the value with a free autographed poster for every 20th supporter. Talk about doubling the good karma!

2. They don’t have to ‘beg’ for contributions or sharing of the campaign: a while back I wrote a post that talked about the fact that Spam is a meat product, not a social media tactic for your crowdfunding campaign. The Barber Brothers know their worth. They know that the film they are creating will resonate with the right people. They don’t have to ‘beg’ for contributions or for people to share the campaign. There are far too many people out there who will spam every single follower on their feed with the same link, desperately hoping for a retweet and/or contribution. Instead, the Barber Brothers entice you to the campaign with engaging, exciting content: professional graphics showcasing the perks, punchy tweets and film teasers.

3. Their passion for their work shows through: authenticity is key when it comes to any endeavour, and the GoFundMe page for The Last is crackling with the passion the Barber Brothers have for filmmaking. From the clever and energetic copy written for each reward level, through to information about themselves as filmmakers, it’s genuinely dynamic.

Enough of my chatter though- you can support the campaign HERE


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