Emotions Are Secondary to Output in British Sci-Fi Short “E.M.U”

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Film Sprites PR is proud to be providing publicity and digital marketing services for British short film E.M.U (Emotional Motor Unit). E.M.U is directed by Adam Nelson, writer/director of award-winning feature film Little Pieces and written by Xènia Puiggrós.

E.M.U is the story of “Writer” (played by Graham Cawte), a lonely man in an alternate present day where emotions are secondary to output. Through his interactions with an Emotional Motor Unit (played by Francesca Burgoyne) he learns what it means to be human. “In essence, this is a story about human emotion. The romantic drama and the
sci-fi setting are just variables, I think that the inherent theme is how we relate
to others and why relationships and human contact are so important”, says writer Xènia Puiggrós.

viewfinder EMU Graham Cawte Francesca Burgoyne

E.M.U also features two cast members from Apple Park Films’ previous production, Little Pieces; Graham Cawte (playing the role of “Writer”) and Finnian Nainby-Luxmoore (playing the role of “Agent”).

E.M.U is currently in post-production and set for the film festival circuit.



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